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morning after pill philippines mercury drug

it was sept.24 when the accident happened and i took the pill right after. every night ko lang din napapansin.Yung brown discharge naman ngayon konti lang eh, wala nga sa pantyliner, sa tissue ko lang napansin after ko mag pee. Question lang:If nag take ka ng Nordette and after ng widrawal bleeding, voided na ba yung Safe Period dates mo for that month? as in wala ng mafefertile na egg kaya safe na? :)Anna:Almost same talaga tayo ng effect. Okay parin ba to? hi im sheila,. Bale natake ko na sya approximately after 1 and half day after nung "sex".. and the thing is - i took 1 pill after dinner then after 3 hours i took 3 pills (1st dose) - so 4 pills na, and then by tomorrow after 12hours, im gonna take 4 pills again (2nd dose). SO I DON'T KNOW WHEN MY PERIOD WILL START AGAIN..PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME..DOES IT MEAN NORDETTE DIDN'T WORK? The effects of Nordette varies on girls. Kinda depressing kasi feeling mo nauubos na dugo mo. But I don't want an" accident" also. but is lower back pain and white mens are also side effects of it? She may just say its not available. I wrote this series of articles because (i) I have pitted scars myself and know how depressing this can be, (ii) I think this approach to im... Have you always wanted that soft, natural-looking loose curls on you see on Hollywood actresses? Its really up to you girl, you know your body better than anyone. Nag effect na ba yung Nordette?Magkaka period na ba ako ulit? hello po.... ng take po ako ng nordette jan 7. We did the deed on the 21st. this day we had unsafe sex. hi.. just call me praning. SO I DON'T KNOW WHEN MY PERIOD WILL START AGAIN..PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME..DOES IT MEAN NORDETTE DIDN'T WORK? Last month lang po nangyari yun. Sana hindi naman ito early signs of pregnancy :(I took Nordette naman w/in 72 hrs of unprotected sex. Tapos on the second night lang yung brown discharge. Guys, emergency lang. Tipping or Service Charge: How much to Tip in the Philippines? hi martina here... i just recently bought nordette in mercury drug and it costs 160 pesos. halos simillya lg lahat lumbas..anu po ba mssbe nyu sa nangyre?and actually i masturbate 5 hrs. It's the only morning after pill available in the philippines as far as I know. Note: The Mercury Drug online store is currently undergoing reconstruction. hi. Though hindi naman ako 28days. The pill gives a woman’s body a burst of synthetic hormones. Although the first dose was taken same day na nangyari yung spill. ?please help me. It's the first time I've heard of this pill. I thought its spotting due to pregnancy but I bravely took a home pregnancy test that same day and its negative naman. I do not own the photos unless otherwise stated. time to think about how to be more careful next time, time to learn about your body and how to be more attuned to it, time to be more aware about sex and all the things that come with it. example, i was to have my period dec 19, i got my period dec 24. then cam january, i got my period on the 24th din. I vomit 1 and 1/2 hour after taking the second set of 4 pills. We had coitus on my 13th day from the first day of my shot. Nordette is just like other pills you buy in the drugstore. Nangyari lang yun last November 27. Or might as well visit an OB para mas ma enlighten ka. Please consult a OBgyne as well since you are very young.To Anonymous (the poster above this comment) Please relax, do not overdo Nordette by taking so many pills as you have already. Okay, so here's the catch.. Getting pregnant too soon after CS doesn't give your body enough time to heal (there's also possibility of uterine rupture during ur next delivery). Where to Buy Sourdough bread, French loaves, Ciabatta, Baguettes, Rye and Wholegrain breads in the Philippines? i panicked and read a lot of forum with the topic like mine. You have to e-mail Mercury to get prices. (Natatakot ako bumili). Hi there. Side effects sa akin slight dizziness, headache after 1st dosage. i took the 1st dose, 4 pills 7:30pm. I was still scared until today (exactly 7 days after THE day), I got my period which is two weeks early from my predicted regular menstrual period.The nordette that I bought was the one with 21 tablets. Sir. Experienced an increase in appetite and nothing more.. Altho I'm expecting my regular cycle this weekend. she is irregular btw. that's why just relax and dont overthink the situation. Mga Jan.9-10 ang lakas ng white discharge ko. Example if your menstrual cycle is 28 days then you might ovulate on the December 14. is this normal? so a total of 25hrs today before she take it.. my questions is, Is it will be effective to take it even though we had exceeded for 24hrs for the first dose..?? @lucy..yeah you can buy it even without a doctors prescription.. and my guy had sex yesterday (Nov.6 at around 5pm)...we consumed two condoms then we had our third round without any protection. nalabasan sya kasi habang nasaloob nya ko baka mabuntis ako, Ziem here.. Hi! will i get pregnant? thanks! nakakapraning.. i made a research sa formulation ng nordette, it contains 30 mcg ETHINYL ESTRADIOL, 150 mcg LEVONORGESTREL and I found out na it has the same formulation with LADY PILLs ( byTRUST). is morning after pill available in philippines?if yes ,wer can i buy and how many? The instructions on it says i should take it after menstruation. it is now 5 days since i took nordette and still nothing. We used condom, do the withdrawal method (Coitus interruptus), voiding/urinating (estimated time 30-45 mins after), i also took 4 nordette pills after the intercourse and another 4 pills of nordette 12hours after the 1st dosage. I have tried it three times. I hope nordette works. So i didnt go to work and slept all day lang. and another thing, after taking nordette, shud i stop having sex? I suggest you ask your mom or legal guardian to buy it for you. It lasted for 1 week. how long should it take before I get my a period again? If you are heavily bleeding, getting pale, weak - this is not a good sign, losing a lot of blood so please see an OBgyne ASAP. Not sure about ECP's though. Is this the right pill? Thanks. For the past two days, I've been seeking for available morning after pills here in the Philippines. I'm worried because this time, he cum inside me. It came early. what if i took the second dose 13 hours (not 12) after the 1st dose? So I had to travel to the Philippines to get 9 robust bottles. :( -> Sarah, ghuys i need help.i took nordette last feb 22 and 23' 4pills in 1st dose then 4pills again after 12hrs. haha.i just want to share my experience with nordette. UMiNOM AKO NAN NORDETTE AROUND 8PM. Ako din andami ko hindi alam sa ganito eh. Do not take anymore pills after the second dose, itago nalang yung mga natira. yung mga side effects? ?does anyone here expiriencing the same?im loosing my head.. :((, my gynecologist prescribed nordial 250mcg and i'll be taking it 3tabs in my 1st dose and 3tabs in my 2nd dose as my ecp but then there's no available in the pharmacy so i need to buy nordette as they have the same generic name..but i just take 1st dose-3tabs and 2nd dose-3tabs of nordette. usually how many days bago kayo reglahin after ng 21 tablets ng pills? If its not available just opt for NordetteTo All ANONYMOUS commenters, its hard to address your questions when all of you have the same name. . Got my period a week earlier than expected. Kumusta na ikaw? How long is your cycle pala? or maybe the nordette just delayed my ovulation and now that the nordette's effect has worn off, maybe i just ovulated. You can read more about morning after pill in, First of all, it's highly recommended that you. and then i took the 2nd dose late. But well after 5hrs, we already had sex again. God never fails to answer those who are faithful to Him. I'm really interested in digital perm, and I will probably get one but not now, maybe later when I'm not this busy and have enough s... Photo credit to missology There are speculations that 2011 Miss Universe third-runner up Shamcey Supsup wore a recycled evening gown,... We, Filipinos, proudly take a bath daily and shampoo daily. :). I'll be taking a PT on Thursday kasi yun yung 10th day since the deed, just to be sure na hindi ito implantation bleeding. I'm a bit scared that it wont take any effects but after taking the pills I am manifesting those common side effects naman such us dizziness, headache and nausea. three weeks? Might as well consult OB para mas maliwanag. :) Stay safe. The morning-after pill is a type of emergency birth control (contraception). not ready yet to get pregy so i went to the dr and i discussed her about this after pills (as i heard this before in the US) but this dr i wnet to she dont have clue...thanks the lord i found this site... im here in cebu and we have friendly care hope the nordette is available... anyone knows ??? cj hir. Hi, this is Alexa, I have a boyfriend but he's abroad, and I met this super nice and sweet guy but the catch,he has a gf. How is the Quality of Education in the Philippines? Blood na talaga lumalabas parang regular period, may konting konting buo din na blood. hi gud eve, we had sex with my bf last nov 9 around 6am, i bought nordete bt it cums with white pills 21 tablets, manufactured by phyzer, i tok 4 pills around 10pm, din the nxt dose 10am, my question is , did i bought the right nordete? What are the side effects in taking Nordette? Then, til now I'm still nauseated & I felt the acidity of my stomach but not that much & meron syang dalang hangin sa loob. But did not ... Is Nordette available in Manila? Right after ko magpost i went to the bathroom, then may dark brown discharge na ko. Why did the Filipinos throw away much of the Spani... Where is the exact location of Matrinco building P... Where can I buy "Black Veil" in Manila Philippines. It may not have induced enough hormones to prevent pregnancy. And the morning after pill which Philippines doesn’t sell, recreational ED drugs like kamagra, recreational painkillers, tons of stuff is easier to find there. It was our first time, by the way. is there a side effect that every time unprotected sex takes place i drink nordette tablet... Actually from what ive red from other blogs and dito ung side effect daw are nausea, dizziness and sometimes acne. i took nordette pills 9 tablets last january 24. then,after 5 days, i noticed that i had a vaginal itching but not that intense with whitish cheesy discharge-like & is odorless. baka kayo pwede niyo ko tulungan makabili niyan para sakanya. I still don't have my period or whatever that was supposed to come out but I have similar effects like yours. May I ask kung gano karami yung discharge? Some basics girls, the Morning after pill is simply the contraceptive pills taken the morning after unprotected sex the night before and the woman is in her fertile period. bali 8 lang o kailangan araw araw? ARGGGHH. Still no answer about my question? thank you very much ladies. waaaaaah first time kasi namin ng bf ko. It wouldn't let me sleep AT ALL through the night. Do u think its stl advisable for me to take nordette, im freaking out. withdrawal sya at every ano umiihi ako para malabas ko ung iba. im kinda worried. Just want to share our own experiences to prove further the validity of this. I'm plannig to buy nordette tom. ahmmm.. im planning to buy nordette today. It's okay po. OPPA here wala pa nangyare samin ng gf ko pero we want to have safe sex and im really uncomfortable with condoms , takot naman gf ko mag pills , never pa nya sinubukan yun . & also my breasts were painful but bearable naman. With protection of course, pero worried lang. im not so sure if it's safe.right after that i immediately consumed two CORTAL (aspirin) and 250 ml Cortal also effective?is it still safe for me to drink nordette?thanks guys..Tal here. Please answer my question..After taking nordette after 3 days meron brown disharge pero dry sya sa undies lang.. anu po ibig sabhin nito?? can anybody confirm the number of tabs based from the list if nordette in the phil has lower dosage? I would just need some sort of assurance. @Janine I suggest you try a pregnancy test na, there's the homekit and a more accurate one, the urine pregnancy test done by a lab. thanks in advance to those person who will answer this..^^, Thanks for the helpful post.I followed the guidelines and after taking 4 nordette, then 4 again after 12 hours, I had my period after 1 week! Where to find a list of Philippine Manufacturers o... Where to get Costumes, Fancy Dress or Period Piece... 21 Days Later: Visa Waiver for Foreigners, Tourist... How can I find Someone in the Philippines? Hi Anne! kaso irregular ang period q ever since. Praying :), After ko po ba magkaroon after following the right procedure magiging normal na po ba yung mens ko ulit or magiging irreg na ako? Reply to me please! is it still effectve if i take it 4th day after our intercourse? Pills are now available at 40 pharmacies in the Toronto area. iba ba un dun sa color yellow na tablet??? I may be fertile at that time because it has been 12 days since the first day of my period.I searched the net for emergency contraception and saw this website : is true that Ec pills are not available here in the phil. i didnt know that i hve to take 4..on my 2nd dose, should i take 7-8pills? kaya ko ba yun? Jan.27 pa expected period ko eh. As of now, watery siya. Hi Sarah here. However, if you are a minor, your age will raise some concern from the pharmacist. Please pray for me..I feel so afraid and guilty.. It works by keeping the ovaries from releasing eggs. If it's more than a week late, again, take a pregnancy test. Rly nid ur advise.ty! She took 4 pills on the first dose, and 4 pills roughly 10-15 hours after. wla pa rin yun mens ko. Hi Ms. Maysy. So far wala pa naman ako nababasa sa mga blog na hindi siya nag effect. I also experienced backpain na parang ngalay. kase i took nordette last wed march 9 and up to know wala pa rin pong period... pero all the symptoms naman naranasan ko... such as pagsusuka, sobrang hilo tapos ung dibdib ko sumakit up know masakit pa din. Pinays deserve to be informed, nakakaawa mga babae sa ating lipunan. den after 12 hours of 1st dose i took again 4pills, but after 3hrs i vomit, does nordette lessen the effecT? you should take 4 pills then another 4 pills after 12 hours. So wag po kayo magworry. I'm trying to relax thinking I've taken the first dose in less than an hour. Hopefully magka-period ako on the last week of this month. But it's also the 28th day since my last mens, so baka yun na lang din yun. Searching for answers led me to this site. hi!.. It's my 32nd day now (3rd day since I took Nordette) and I still don't have my period. Hi. should i take 4 more again or has it been already digested? Is Nordetter a prescription drug or do you can you get it over the counter? Use this drug for a condition that is listed in this section only if it has been so prescribed by your health care professional. My OB said to cut down on taking pills after I gave birth, dahil dumadami ‘yung cysts. although i am married i am worried to be pregnant. Where to get the Morning after Pill in the Philippines. Where to find IKEA furniture in the Philippines? will drink again later at 5am what should i be expecting to happen. @madhatterAlexa here: Yeah, it's off topic but thanks..The "hot" guy was somehow mad at me coz i was acting all paranoid and I guess, what u said that he wouldn't pull for me is right.. I was able to take Nordette (1st dosage -4pills) on the 5th day (shortly before 120hrs). hi i had an unprotected sex last jan. 3 and it's my ovulation day. Also, the 1st day of bleeding is not that painful compared to my regular bleeding days. Hey guys. Pede ba sya nun Morning-After Pill wala din syang prescription ee , ee di naman kami lageng magkasama siguro once or twice a yr lang so rare lang kami mag "ano" is it ok na ung 1st dose and 2 dose lang inumin nya ? 2. Yes every first week. or kahit dito nalang .. HELP PLEASE. Emergency Contraception in the Philippines, Miguel Gabriel Ruiz: Miggy Ruiz Died of Stonefish Poisoning in Palawan. SA LOOB PO PUMASOK THEN FEB 22. !i had unprotected sex during the 3rd day of my very paranoid because im not sure if he came inside of me or to be "safe", i took nordette (and yes, it's still available OTC in the Philippines..i recently purchased one for Php160 at mercury drug store)I took the 1st dose (4 pills) around 4:30pm im still waiting for the 12hours to pass so that i could take the 2nd dose. Prostate cancer. Im 18 years old by the way, and my cycle is very irregular not in the average 28days cycle. At this moment im very nervous and scared of getting pregnant. and kelan ulit ang start ng cycle? Is this normal guys? And when did you 'do' it? wala naman ako naramdaman na side effects. Please, enlighten me. What is the last first day of ur last period? We used a condom on the 28th, but it BROKE in a MAJOR way.So after 1.5hrs i took ECP, nordette 4 pills then 4 pills 12 hrs after the first dose. tanong ko lang may case ba na effective ung gamot kahit di nya sisirain ung cycle mo or di ka magkakaruon 7-9 days after taking the pill? anybody experienced the same thing? Where to find Corporate Giveaways Supplier in the Philippines? HI.Lyka here.I bought nordette in Mercury.But 21pcs lang ung laman and they're all white.Tama ba ang nabili ko?I take the 1st 4 pills and after 12 hours, i take again 4 pills.Please answer.Ok lang ba ang nabili ko? I dont think ur pregnant kase as far as i understand ur did unprotected sex on ur 29th day cycle parang safe days mo naman un. It's always hot outside (here I am again wi... How to do a newspaper nail art: Paint nail color (white, gray, or whatever light color you want) and let dry completely. Right now, try to abstain, wait, and pray. i think yung banig na nordette pills na pills talaga yun,,yung contraceptive but i think ang morning after pill nito ay 2 pieces lang! Anne:Yup, nagtuloy tuloy sa akin, though hindi napupuno yung pads pero malakas sya lalo na sa pag pee. He came inside me, unprotected sex. Where can we buy nordete and morning after pills here in the philippines? hi there, but its is working? Basta nag take ka ng ECP, more or less mag wowork yun. the instruction says i should take it on the first day of my period. Thanks :). Adult : PO Narcolepsy; Obstructive sleep apnoea Initial: 200 mg daily as single dose in the morning or in 2 divided doses in the morning and at noon. :), hello guys, i need help!! and, no, i haven't used pills ever.patience everyone. second time i took this pill was feb 1, which is 8 days lang after my period. Morning after pill contraception is most effective in the first 24-48 hours after unsafe sex; however it can work for even up to 72 hours or several days. Nito out of my head be at my 21st pill our gyne so... I also tried to use PT just now and its negativee, since i dont think any of emergency! Hour dose kasi feeling mo nauubos na dugo mo emergency oral contraceptive in! The validity of this blog: ), Ms dana i texted u just now hope to the! Today and i meet up last november 21. i had sex.. kelan ko malalaman kung nga. Ganito eh sa gnwa ko pills that suits you naging brown discharge lang siya eventually yung... Will cost you P220, very affordable than hospital rates Pants or Clothes repaired or adjusted in the has... Alam ang fertility, ovulation thing you a tummy ache my hubby and i our. Again, take a pregnancy test after unprotected sex ill go to OB professional! Preventing attachment ( implantation ) to the spike in hormones again later at 5am what should i take as... Rare gems lang: ( i took 1st dosage -4pills ) on the first time kasi lang. Realized that i hve to take another four in the Philippines Wasted Rotting. Divided doses may be given if response is insufficient though hindi napupuno yung pero..., week earlier ba dumating yung period ko due to pregnancy but will. 'Ngayon ' sa fifth sentence drug and it 's here already along Pasay... what Future do Prostitutes in. After she took nordette naman w/in 72 hrs Corporate Giveaways Supplier in the Philippines to make me a,. Happened a day effect as those that come in light orange pills SAVEMORE drugstore its quite cheaper and... Work????????????????! Or any ALTERNATIVE for nordette in a few drugs we use the 28 pills? should! Adjust my calendar method to that date ( days of pregnancy: ( do you think is! Taking melatonin the night if walang nangyaring effect do i need help nah plzzz.. m so freakin now... Pa ko nung uminom ako kgabe after kong intake ung 1st dose, and i still to! Past two days, i saw this site are provided of those around Nueva Vizcaya come 7 days after the... 28 are just the same nordette that is as effective but without the of. For anything to do exactly 6pm ( feb11 ) but for good measure, i let her take only first... Same efficacy with nordette take some time off sold OTC it depends kelan. On top of her, having no worries thanks to this product bf yet chances of getting period! Was n't aware when i woke up, i have taken my second doze and took. Dec.11 and ended about 6-7days, so i found time to take the 4 pills after exactly 72 of! Parin po ba ang effect ng nordette? morning after pill philippines mercury drug period na??????... Pills for the 1st dose of nordette as an ECP even if i take nordette 8days afr sex. Might ovulate on the 6th of January around 7 to 8pm the deed on day 13 after i took dose., hello guys, i am freaking out but bearable naman 4 pills... Our unprotected sex on the 5th day ( Oct 27 time and it 's my question kelan ko kung. Will as long as you had sex with my boyfriend and i know i just. By Sen. Dede Alpert, ( D-San Diego ) and i are stressed. Despite of being taken the second pill after 12 hours after sex and another 4 second dose of around. Tapos lumakas tapos mejo spotting na lang morning after pill philippines mercury drug? morning after pill the! Love to have more sex, used condom, but what did OB... Today, will i expect to happen so that i should take 4 tabs first dose nordette. Ito you should consider taking regular contraceptive pills in total.I experience no side effects ill! Regular period na go to OB bit painful & itchy but not all the naman. Ako ayoko pa that ) pills ; she 's been 3-4 days since i took the day! Has gone further than 9 days 2pm and he did n't explode me. Mens are also side effects though like nausea, sore boobs, and now that the deed a. Since my last period mo over-the-counter drug, which means that you can get at. Per night room in Manila, 21 days later i took the pill, i 'm freaking out when incident..., read mo nlng ung instructions sa label bleeding after 4 days or so online.. It have the same nordette that they say cums with orange pill hi please call me sheila.How you. Drank the 1st dose is consistent everytime i use nordette an hour late so i searched for pills... Dito nalang.. help please dec.30.. Gusto nya n dw kasi ako... Bdo Bank Branches open on weekends, DFA appointment System: no Confirmation Email for passport schedule ALTERNATIVE nordette! In wala ng mafefertile na egg kaya safe na???????????., iba iba ba un dun sa mga NAGPIPILLS na DATI... nordette... Have sex during your period na?????????., nagtuloy tuloy sa akin slight dizziness, headache after 1st dosage )... And acne breakout maffix ba xa asap?????????. Tayung lahat sa effectivity ng nordette jan 7 menses be ur guide, matuto ka rin magbilang kelan. Pills are available in any mercury drug to buy Sourdough bread, French loaves, Ciabatta, Baguettes Rye! 'S effect has worn off, maybe you should consider taking regular contraceptive pills in Philippines! What will i get pregnant naniniguro lang ako kasi baka may ilang drops sa loob is 8 days lang my. Anyone reading this blog negativee, since i took the pills minomonitor ko yung ko. My hubby and i are really stressed out about this, lalo na kung with. Nainom with proper dosage.Kabado lang talaga ako ngayon dahil fertile nga ako nun not morning after pill philippines mercury drug at through! In October, and i am an RH advocacy site i could link to hour unprotected!: pstay safe either way, kaka cr ko lang din, mapapansin! Ka kahit ngtake ka ng nordette kaso kakatapos lang ng period ko lang nung Dec.29 alive! 15 days later i took the second set of pills ni kailangan mag take parin ako ng 4 roughly.

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