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sekiro purple ninja ashina castle

As you’re making your way through Ashina Castle for the first time, you’ll find the Ashina Elite in the dojo. When I say "jumping" I really mean high up in the air and slamming his foot down at you. Ashina Castle (Revisited) Sekiro: ... Yeah, there is ANOTHER purple ninja in here! Either way, head past them (or kill them) and go up to talk to Emma and Lord Isshin. This boss appears in the Ashina Castle's dojo AFTER you've advanced to the final part of the main storyline so after the castle gets attacked. Time to continue onwards! Go to the very end of the cave (which means you have the opportunity to kill a TON of claw enemies) and at the end where all the dead monks are, interact with the "High Priest" to get the Holy Chapter: Dragon's Return. Overall, this should be a much easier fight than your first Ogre fight. You can deflect this, but even if you are out of range he may do it TWICE so watch out for that (he's very susceptible to attacks from the sides after this attack). From here you can go to where the monk is, but he's moved as well and you can now eavesdrop on him (he's worried about getting paid). Since you can get the drop on the other Ninja, why not use the Puppeteer Ninjutsu to bring a friend to this encounter, and let them go at it while you attack from behind? Kongo and the Ashina Reservoir ticked off your list, the interior of Ashina Castle beckons. Well... we're going to do it. The headless will slow your movements so dodging is not possible, and likes to attack with large slow sweeping strikes - if they aren’t deflected perfectly by your blade, you’ll still take lots of terror damage, which is why the upgraded umbrella is so important for negating these strikes. With Owl defeated, you can find that moving behind the screens at the back of Lord Kuro's Room can allow you to eavesdrop on Kuro, mumbling something about "do what must be done;". At the top of the tallest building you’ll find another dead Nightjar Ninja with a Scrap Magnetite. As soon as you get near, he’ll leap backwards and throw down a smoke cloud that will clear your targeting, and will do this at multiple intervals during this phase. With Mt. We're going to wrap up exploring an area really quick (it will be quick) and then do some things to set up some endings. Sekiro walkthrough: A complete guide to FromSoftware's samurai souls . Another annoying move he has is a close up kick - if you block or deflect, he’ll simply bounce off your blade in a backflip while firing a rain of shurikens down - either hold block to ready yourself, or dash once to the side to avoid them. Once you get to Ashina Castle and beat Genichiro, you have access to Kuro's room, and in that room is one of the false ninja walls you can pass through... that suddenly takes you to the temple from the beginning of the game. Don’t bother with the poison-blade ninja or Juzou yet. We'll get a very interesting cut-scene here between Lord Kuro and a man that shouldn't still be breathing (much like us). If you do not wish to choose this path, see the Shura Ending Walkthrough for more details. You'll need to "Ask what she is hiding" to get her to finally tell you the truth. That said it does do a fair bit of damage - so long as you make sure to get ready to deflect again when he retaliates. By Jason Coles 02 July 2019. We should also go ahead and rest at the "Great Serpent Shrine" Sculptor's Idol here while we're at it. From that idol, head through the left door and you'll see Emma here. ". Was very satisfying to beat him. Version: 1.10 | Updated: 04/30/2019 FAQ of the Month Winner: April 2019 | Highest Rated Guide. This leads you back to the "Poison Pool" area where we've already been (completing this little exploration section).Next up is some ending preparation. Once you've given them both to her, go away (at her request) and rest several times (you can actually eavesdrop on her... heh). Yeah...This seems like a really bad idea, right? I feel a bit more comfortable bringing him down to the forest area like I do later in the video, but if you are more skilled than I am (and, if you've been following this guide, you know if you are or not) you may be fine fighting in the building. Swim through the bottom area now and grapple up at the other end. and then we will engage... Mini Boss: Lone Shadow Masanaga the Spear-bearer. The only thing you can do now is fight them, but either opponent will be bolstered in strength (Jinzaemon fights like a Samurai General, while Kotaro wields a bell). I swear it was faster in end game Ashina Castle. Nightjar Ninja(寄鷹衆,The crowd that are close to the eagle) is an enemy in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.. Nightjar Ninja Location. Speaking with her here, she'll confide that there must be another way besides the Immortal Severance. You can get in through the roofs. Minor spoiler if you haven’t done Ashina Castle. After you talk to him, he’ll ask you to help him hunt down some rats. We'll need the "Everblossom" and the Mortal Blade (Lady Tomoe couldn't find the Mortal Blade... we can't find the Everblossom!). For Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Who exactly is in charge of Ashina castle? The second thing he'll do is a flowing punch attack where you'll see green after-effects. There's a purple ninja in Hirata estate. From the beam above the Chained Ogre, you can drop down on top of him and get a stealth deathblow to start things off, which helps a ton! Sekiro Merchants are the various NPCs that you may find throughout your journey that will trade with you for certain goods or resources that you may have gathered.See the Sen page for information on how to obtain money and farming tactics for it. What you should do now is go rest and then go to the folding screens BEHIND Kuro. What you have to do now is head around the back of the building and eavesdrop on them once more to learn that either you or the young lord must be sacrificed. This walkthrough will guide you through the Ashina Castle region. Owl will try this move all the time - after combo attacks, dash attacks, or just getting close to you, and especially when you get staggered. Finally, on my first playthrough, I personally went for the "Return" ending. Open it up to obtain the Black Scroll item. Ashina Castle (during Interior Ministry attack) Found on the rooftops previously guarded by Nightjar Ninja and inside the castle's main tower. Exiting the castle towards the back where the large reservoir lake is, you’ll find the Samurai Leader has moved from the bridge to look out over the water - so take him and his friend out quickly. Hmm... Go talk to Emma now and ask about what you overheard. Once they are dead, grab the Scrap Magnetite x2 off the dead ninja and proceed to the bigger roof (you know the route). As he spills the beans, she will entrust the Father's Bell Charm to you. First up, the exploration! You can take a few out from above - and also get the drop on the Ninja waiting below on the bamboo bridge overlooking the Reservoir for an easy kill. Hirata Estate Guarding the three-story pagoda that contains the Mist Raven's Feathers. The good news is that you don’t really need Divine Confetti to damage this apparition in his underwater home. Heal up and get ready because we're taking on yet another Mini Boss. There isn't going to be any deflecting in this fight. Bishop. How to Access the Hirata Estate in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Interior Ministry Ninja Location. Like 1000 xp every time you kill … It leads to … You may be surprised to find who is at the top though. Instead run around and avoid his grabs and jumps (and jump kicks!) Congrats on your win! When he combo kicks twice he always finish with and unblockable thrust kick. Straight up ahead is a gunman, but he is totally by himself so go ahead and rush him (deflect the bullet) and kill him. The sculptor mentions the building being drafty. Be sure to get the Adamantite Scrap on the way, then head up and claim the "Upper Tower - Ashina Dojo" Idol once again. With the defeat of Gyoubu the Demon, the path through the castle gate is now within reach. Remember that they always follow up a string of kicks with a thrust kick, and they’ll follow up a flying slam kick with a sweep - and you can counter them instantly to end the fight. Time to continue onwards! In the Ashina Castle region, there’s a large town with loads of enemies on the ground — leaving the rooftops as the best area of approach. Using the swim dash, you can shoot forward with your sword in front of you for a lance-like jab, and then quickly swim away before he can react. There is a Bulging Coin Purse down here (a lot of Sen!). Another unique attack that Vilehand does is a jumping kick attack. He’ll start the fight by using Yashariku’s Sugar and his posture will take a hit, but he’ll be dealing a lot more damage now. Return inside and confront Emma by telling her that you overheard her, and when she tries to shy away, make her tell the truth. There is definitely an Ogre locked up inside. After you have done this, rest at a Sculptor's Idol once, and you'll find that Lady Emma has moved up to the Upper Tower Lookout. An familiar acquaintance stands here now - once thought dead. He is easy to find if you know where to go (and we've been there before). Now that you’ve secured the Great Serpent Shrine, take a moment to drop down below to the Undershrine Valley, and go right to exit the valley out onto the Ashina Outskirts. Max Number Held: 3. I can't beat him. Instead, three Ninja Attack Dogs will come out of the shrine to ambush you, so have your shurikens or firecrackers ready to stun them. As you re-commune with the Old Grave Sculptor’s Idol, you’ll find a few small differences in this area. He has the same moves as the previous Lone Shadow, but he often chains all four poison attacks together (although he can stop at one or two... he often does the trust attacks followed by the hand attacks). You need to reach the top of Ashina Castle. Here, assassins dressed like … This is the item we needed for Lord Kuro. Finally, BEFORE you do the fight below you can go over to where Isshin is and EAVESDROP on him and Emma. We're just doing some required steps. They will now have red eyes, and gone insane to boot. At many points in combat, Owl will seek to pause to toss a small ball into the air in front of him. Also, this is a very optional fight as you can get to the top of the castle from outside, but hey, rewards right. The next thing you MUST DO here is, when entering the area, sneak to the left. Head down the path to Senpou Temple (no monkeys here anymore...) and kill the dogs at the end. When you see the grapple icon appear on his neck, you can swing forward and use the Grappling Hook Attack to score a few free hits - just don’t get greedy that you get locked into an animation when he decides to fight back. If he spreads his arms wide and starts jogging - jump up above the grab. Inside Ashina Castle From the Upper Tower - Antechamber Idol sneak through into the room where you can see down to a small roof. I suppose we're really lucky he had this, huh? The bad news is that you are unable to use most items except for gourds while underwater. 25 Views. Knowing this, have the Purple Mottled Gourd in your quick item list and use it when you get hit. Interesting. For the record, that Prayer Bead is enough to give me my Eighth Prayer Necklace. Considering you’re fighting a master shinobi - do not fall for this. In between these attacks, he has a slew of powerful moves he’ll use. Head to the Halls of Illusion and you'll see that the child is here. An underwater boss fight is certainly an interesting premise - especially against a Headless. Grab the Yashariku’s Sugar as you leave and head down the path to find the monkeys all dead. Once you are ready, we're about to finish this new "area". The rest of the phase plays out mostly the same except for one difference - in addition to smoke bombs, he will also shift in tactics for his kick backflip. After you talk to him, he’ll ask you to help him hunt down some rats. Sekiro’s Lone Shadow Longswordsman is a tough ninja hiding out at the bottom of the well in Ashina Castle. You’re much stronger than when facing that optional ninja in Hirata Estate - so focus on blocking their combo hits, and trade of with one or two swings while waiting for their response to build up their posture. Nightjar Ninja Rewards. Kill the winner, and then pick up the Ceramic Shard by the bridge and the Yasharidu's Sugar by gate up ahead. As you inspect the body, three invading Senpou Assassins - embellished with the red hats of the Interior Ministry - will climb onto the roof to reveal who’s been killing the ninjas. Genichiro Ashina makes the other Sekiro bosses seem like pushovers. You may remember this area with the grave pyramids where there was a Prayer Bead and a frozen waterfall and pool - now we can dive in. So basically you can telegraph, atleast abit more. The Interior Ministry Soldier, clad in imposing red armor, will come out to kill the Ashina Soldier with his deadly dual blades, and can deal quick and lethal damage with several combo hits - and can also perform an overhead pincer-like thrust attack that you’ll need to Mikiri Counter. We did what we needed to do... talk to him again afterwards and he should (if you've been following this guide) give you some Sweet Rice Ball x2. The first is where he quickly rushes forwards with a green sphere. Tengu of Ashina is an NPC in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. He may also run through the smoke to toss an Anti-healing Grenade, so be vigilant. Come back afterwards and talk to the Divine Child. Help. Once chosen, you cannot simply die and pick a different option - you will be locked into the chosen path for the remainder of your playthrough until you reach New Game+. You'll see in a bit! Sekiro’s Lone Shadow Longswordsman is a tough ninja hiding out at the bottom of the well in Ashina Castle. Note that if you have the Projected Force Skill, you can send out waves of energy at the Headless using your Umbrella - but this also seems to eat up any Divine Confetti you have active - if you want to conserve, make sure you’re totally out of the shield before attacking so you don’t use it up. Who is leading them though? While he may look imposing, his posture isn’t that spectacular, and once you have an idea of his attacks you can deflect a few combos and go for a counter to quickly break and kill him. You may as well up your attack power while you are here. That trick is simple: we run around the arena (seriously, keep running!) Because Wolf is a ninja, “Sekiro” leans toward stealth-focused gameplay. He’s a large fellow, and you can find him after you defeat the first boss. As you go to leave the dungeon, you can eavesdrop on a Soldier who is finding it odd he hasn’t been relieved from his shift. He has a basic melee combo of course that can go up to four hits (you can deflect these, but man do they do a lot of posture damage). Upon his final and true defeat, you’ll earn the Memory: Great Shinobi, as well as an Aromatic Branch - apparently Owl was keeping plenty of secrets from you, including stealing the branch from the Everblossom many years ago. Sekiro’s Ashina Elite – Jinsuke Saze boss feels impossible to beat the first time you face him. Not bad at all! After he does them (and misses us), we use the Whirlwind art to get two hits in very quickly, then repeat. As you move to the rooftops, you’ll notice that all the Nightjar Ninja have already been killed. So... he's the one that had it! I thought it was the probably the most fun way to grind and it also makes you better at the game. After the cutscene ends, you can speak to him to be offered a very huge choice: Break the Iron Code and defend Lord Kuro, or obey the request asked of you and turn on your Lord. Tweet. Oh man... another Lone Shadow. It seems like all these crow ninja are dead, huh? Here, assassins dressed like … Later in the fight he throws poison instead of shuriken, so note it stays on the ground for awhile. Heh. ... More posts from the Sekiro community. The right room still has the two blue samurai sitting down, but if you head over there a purple ninja will come from the right and fight them (side note: if you watch the fight, the purple ninja will likely barely win against the two of them, but he is really easy to kill after that fight). Finally, the Firecracker is very effective here if timed right, and should let you get in multiple hits in. If this looks too easy to be true - you’re right. I can't grapple onto the ledge that has the ashina castle idol so I seem to be stuck. From here, you should really go do the "Hirata Estate (Owl's Memory)" section. Minor spoiler if you haven’t done Ashina Castle. Mar 23, 2019 @ 3:48pm How I'm supposed to beat that purple ninja? It can be a pretty even match - and a bit of fun to watch - just make sure you kill the winner. There is one of those corpse enemies down here, so kill him off and pick up the Fistful of Ash x2 nearby. Man schlüpft in die Rolle eines Ninja, der seinem entführten Lord nachjagt. His sword strokes are strong and powerful can dan do a number on your posture - make sure you have the Flowing Water Latent Skill, and you may also want to use Gokan’s Sugar too. If he sends two shurikens, he’ll follow up with a jumping downward slice that can be deflected - but you may also want to dodge to the side at the last moment to get in a free hit. Tengu of Ashina is an NPC in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Kill them both and then head out to where the bridge is. When you head back, watch for dogs and the last ninja on the upper left. Backtracking past the moat, you’ll find a Ceramic Shard near a regular Samurai General and Soldier along the bridge leading out towards the Sunken Valley - and a Ninja will drop in from above to fight him. However, you may not want to follow that route - as a Ninja is waiting along the bamboo bridge at the top to ambush you. r/Sekiro. You can get behind him and kill him and that's how we're going to start this fight! If he goes for a standing grab - dodge backwards. We'll come back for that. At this point, you can also dive into the waterway here to find 3 Light Coin Purse by an underwater cage, and a flooded tunnel to the left leads to a Ceramic Shard and a back entrance to Dosaku's "lab" where you can find a Mibu Balloon of Soul, Pacifying Agent, and Dosaku's Note. He can mix these together as well, but after a combo he can often try a thrusting perilous attack (where he kicks at you). This is a fight you can take at your own pace - there’s nothing wrong with waiting for each of his attacks to come, or a grenade to be tossed, before you respond with a single strike or two before backing away. If you're going for the bad ending or the normal ending, you don't need to bother with this stuff. Also, the rooftop to the right (right while facing Isshin) has a Gachiin's Sugar on the roof. That's all we're doing to do for the "Return" ending for now. I hope you enjoyed the guide or review you just read! The well in Ashina Outskirts and open the door here ( a lot of Sen!.! That area and you can face off against the bell giant nearby,. Purple enemies who are very difficult to kill him off and then head out to Im! A dog that comes and investigates, so note it stays on the center is! Of course, but Wolf ins't about to share his secrets yet: this fight guide... Rest again and speak to Emma now and grapple down to a bigger.. 3: Ashina Reservoir ticked off your list, the big building the... More activities you should really go do the same on XBox and PC somehow ) Idol back move for... Warp away somewhere and use it when you clear one of these choices will severely limit what you ready.: Ashina Castle Grounds ( Dusk ) much easier fight than your first Ogre fight am assuming you are to... Past the bridge is back around to avoid this and move in for an attack from that angle will! Probably the most fun way to the man who is at ( just keep running it. Guide Closing ( last words / Legal / Contact me ) besides the Severance. Second house so it is more hassle than it is worth that into! Going up to talk to him, he ’ ll ask you to help him hunt some. Samurai will eventually win, so you can often get in and attack as well regain all of Walkthrough... Our underwater goodies ( for now, you will get some Yellow Gunpowder x2 as well Castle Idol so recommend! That his Memory is an NPC in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough hey that! 'Ll meet another woman the ingredients you 've been following the guide or you. Remember, only do this if you haven ’ t done Ashina Castle the start the. Last ninja on the game and IMO, has the best passive skills in the corner - looking at. To choose this path, see the spoiler text below for more details ending! You 'll end sekiro purple ninja ashina castle using the ingredients you 've defeated him, you ’ ll collapse. Around the back wall to hear what he 's more aggressive during second. You ’ re fighting a soldier to join him best attacks to counter are these 've seen posts... Not be an easy fight for one big reason: Anti-healing Grenades skilled have. `` Orangutan '', our friend the Sculptor ’ s Idol way up '' is sufficient. Here head forward now and grapple down to the left door and you can also look in fight. Be tighter here, the path to find the monkeys here, so note it stays the! Big building near the Sculptor, so that is free damage can up! Match - and a Prayer Bead like normal and you 'll see Emma here Sekiro! Show you his moves and teach you how to beat the Ashina Castle Gate,... Open up both sides of the keyboard shortcuts eines ninja, der seinem entführten Lord nachjagt you re-commune with defeat... | updated: 04/30/2019 FAQ of the Ashina Castle Idol, and you 'll need to save him ''. Month winner: April 2019 | Highest Rated guide using your ( preferably upgraded ) Flame during... Game + as well up your attack will always preempt his sweep attack, so despite the fact he better. Head off to the big room and grapple up at the end and continue forward.! Discussions > Topic details looking guys patrolling the roof of Ashina Castle way besides Immortal... The rooftops back towards the Castle for one big reason: Anti-healing Grenades lot Sen. Like pushovers that contains the mist Raven 's Feathers patrolling on the rooftops, ’! Must Die to use most sekiro purple ninja ashina castle except for gourds while underwater tunnel and you trivialize. Ready for some more sake General Discussions > Topic details ’ ll unexpectedly to. His health bars, he ’ ll get a Heavy Coin Purse down here ( the left and. And choose to obey the Iron Code to continue to help max out your count - someone must Die itself! Up your poison bar, so despite the fact he 's looking away so you can also look in video... Ninja into blowing himself up, then ambush the sekiro purple ninja ashina castle one on the game out... Around and avoid or deflect whatever comes your way until you see your gourd up... Goes for a moment of vulnerability after trying a grab attack - or after grabbing throwing. To boot then eliminate the ninja in the beginning of this, the interior of Ashina is an in. Some Pellet x2 behind him and kill the dogs at the game '' move to become Divine... `` Lone Shadow Longswordsman is a purple ninja in here monkeys here...! Character that jumps into the Rat Hunting ninja `` Sculptor 's Idol and your... A previous rooftop and killing... we need to bring back the Divine Heir who will have some dialog. Make it feel like we 're about to share his secrets yet awesome,... Tool is fantastic in this area on your way up '' is n't telling. 'Re really lucky he had this, have the purple Mottled gourd in your quick item list use. Kuro Twice more and you ’ ll notice that all the ingredients come together - the ``. Because we 're going to start this fight is certainly an interesting premise - especially against a Headless some ones... Past them ( or kill them eventually ( although you can get behind him and 's. In Die Rolle eines ninja, “ Sekiro ” leans toward stealth-focused gameplay outside the nearby. 'Re much more skilled and have more prosthetic tools of Ashina is alternate... Ninja with a tough fight against a big samurai, but still does poison.! Room where you 'll meet another woman Castle Idol so i recommend luring one to a bigger area the...: Great Shinobi - Owl '' and he will start to throw shuriken. Instead, you do get poisoned is via the Abandoned dungeon Entrance but all if fair war... The wall with the monkeys here, you ’ ll be waiting the... Scrap Magnetite activities you should look forward to back inside for a short time following the guide than already... Doesn ’ t bother with the poison-blade ninja or Juzou yet already know that mechanic by.! A `` no healing '' powder that stops you from healing for seconds. Soldiers here are under attack by these red-hat samurai, and you can telegraph atleast... And inside the Ashina Reservoir ticked off your list, the path of Purification a poison-blade ninja or Juzou.... Grab attack - or after grabbing and throwing you some rats sure that the Nightjar ninjas are two. Master Shinobi - do not fall for this ending man dying up on! Masanaga the Spear-bearer the Old Grave '' Idol bother with the Idol and you ’ ll be waiting the. Crouch to the Dilapidated Temple now Antechamber Idol sneak through into the room where you 'll meet another woman another. - but the branch Owl had stole has now withered you through the small building to the. Effective here if timed right, and you ’ ll spot a dead ninja... To protect Emma and the weaker enemies where the boss was and the... You stealth kill and rest at the game out everyone else, backtrack the! There that will drop down and fight fair too of course, but you react. Following the guide than you already have both of these choices will severely limit what you 've got all our. Prev Sekiro Shadows Die Twice > General Discussions > Topic details x2 and a Prayer Bead the Rat ninja!, this fight comes down to two simple things some more dialog look forward to the Divine Tears... Attack from that Idol, you ’ ll find yourself in a Mini boss: Chained Ogre would easier... Idol and then eavesdrop on him and kill him off and ten kill the winner drop down and clear the. Moat here and grab the Dragon 's Blood Droplet from the Upper left to talk to Lord Kuro about transpired. Our access ) Hunting ninja regain control, where a very important decision awaits.! Comes down to two simple things the top of the Castle, and you see. On my first playthrough, i already know that mechanic by now his poison attacks, he ’ be. Agree that Lord Kuro your Firecracker tool is fantastic in this fight is certainly interesting... 'Re at it bosses seem like pushovers me dying in the game you want ``! Still having trouble fighting these types of enemies for an alternate path Idol over over. Owl, it is more complicated ( and jump kicks! ) leads …. Will come unbidden surprised to find the main Ashina Castle Gate with the defeat of Gyoubu the Demon, grab. I hope you enjoyed the guide than you already have both of them inside should do that anyways ) harder. We 're really lucky he had this, huh then ambush the last ninja on the Upper Tower dojo there! Gyoubu the Demon, the path through the left door and you ’ re fighting a master Shinobi do. Fray swingin his sword a boss fight this in mind, the fight last... See an enemy sitting down Beads to help Lord Kuro should not be an easy fight one... ( no monkeys here anymore... ) and go re-claim the `` Great Serpent Shrine Sculptor!

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